The Williamson’s Residency Schedule

Dave and Roberta High Rez 6We welcome David and Roberta Williamson to Illinois to laugh, teach, exhibit and share with us their skills, their talents and their work as part of Hatch 2015: a creative-reuse festival.  Their residency is packed full of different opportunities for the public – adults, college students, middle school and high school students, youngsters, sponsors and spectators.

Check out the schedule below and participate as you can!

February 26, 2015        Garden of Dreams: The work of artists David and Roberta Williamson

February 27, 2015        The Williamsons at Centennial High School and Jefferson Middle School
(not a public event)

February 28, 2015        Finding and Telling Your Story, an advanced jewlery-making workshop for adults

February 28, 2015        Opening of the 2015 Hatch Exhibition at Indi Go Art Gallery featuring the work of the Williamsons

For exact times and locations of these events please see the 2015 Festival Schedule here.

And, thank you to the partners who have made the Williamson’s residency possible:

Champaign Public Library

Kathleen Harleman

Indi Go Gallery

Melissa Mitchell

Gail Rost

Tepper Grants

Unit 4 Schools

University of Illinois Metals Department