A Workshop: TELLING STORIES: How Found Objects and Recycled Materials Become Your Voice

Dave and Roberta High Rez 7

An Advanced-level Jewelry-making Workshop with Hatch 2015 Artists-in-Residence

David and Roberta Williamson

February 28, 2015, Saturday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Room 221, Art East Annex Studio 1/Architecture Annex, University of Illinois campus
Register by Feb. 21, 2015
Workshop fee per person: $100 non-refundable (includes box lunch, tools, some materials and instruction)

REGISTER and Pay HERE to reserve your spot.

David and Roberta Williamson will be offering an advanced jewelry-making workshop open to the public via pre-registration and payment only on the University of Illinois campus in partnership with the University of Illinois Metals Program. Leaders in their field, this is an extraordinary opportunity for our community.

About the workshop

This “advanced-level” adult workshop is geared toward college students and members of the public with some experience and skills in jewelry-making or other hands-on visual arts or fine craft. Participants will learn to transform found objects into “reservoirs” for preserving ephemera or other small items, and to preserve the materials using resin. David and Roberta will also demonstrate how to create a bezel and use cold connections to join elements of the pieces they create.

Materials List (Please bring these materials with you to the workshop)

  1. Reservoir for resin: found objects such as small jar lids, bottle caps, sea shells such as scallop or clam, ½ of a nut shell, peanut shell, tiny toy dishes, small tin tops from vintage tins, old watch cases, ½ of a clean egg shell, etc. The edge must be tall enough and even enough so the liquid resin will not overflow.
  2. Paper images, ephemera: photos, greeting cards, stamps, digital images, small drawings, text, etc.
  3. Small found objects that will fit in the reservoir: shells, buttons, charms, etc.
  4. Small board if your piece lies flat or a small box we will fill with rice to level your pieces while drying.
  5. Scissors, x-acto knife, if you have one, pencil, small paint brush.
  6. Self-addressed pre-paid box with packing materials for return of your cured piece if you are unable to pick it up after 24 hours.

About the Instructors

David and Roberta Williamson teach at Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. They encourage their students to “find their own stories” by incorporating meaningful, memory-inducing objects into the jewelry they create.”

Additional information/workshop-prep tips:

1. The Williamsons suggest that participants give careful, advance thought to the items they select and bring to the workshop (“reservoir,” found objects and ephemera), as these items will form the core of the jewelry pieces created in the workshop. They further recommend that participants visit The I.D.E.A. Store and/or local antiques shops and flea markets prior to the workshop to search for objects can be reused tell their own unique stories.
2. If possible, attend the Williamson’s free public talk, “Garden of Dreams: The Work of Artists David and Roberta Williamson,” at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 26, at the Champaign Public Library.
3. Also, check out additional information about the Williamsons and their work online and/or elsewhere here on the Hatch website.